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Eco Cap Urinal Solution

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Eco Cap Urinal Solutions

Reduces Blockages

Initial's Eco Cap is suitable for new and existing urinals. The plastic cap contains a bio block made up of bio-enzymes (good bacteria) that break down uric acid, salts, and scale to prevent build up. Waste is then simply washed out of the system on the next flush of the urinal. The design of the cap also prevents foreign matter, such as cigarette butts and gum, from falling into the waste trap of the urinal and causing blockages.

Prevents odours

The patented odour lock design of eco-clear’s sleeve traps odours below the water line of the urinal, stopping them from entering the bathroom. The bio-enzymes that penetrate uric acid, salts and scale prevent dangerous bacteria and bio-film from forming, thus eliminating unpleasant odours in your bathroom. The sleeve, along with its block of good bacteria, is replaced every two months with a fresh, clean unit.

Improves hygiene

Eco Cap forms part of Initial's ablution hygiene service regime, which includes a deep clean of the urinal bowl, pipework, wall and floor tiles. Deep cleaning also prevents the buildup of harmful bacteria, uric salt and scale. Eco Cap customers are also provided with Eco Spray, a biologically formulated cleaning agent that supports the action of the Eco Cap and the deep cleaning service by neutralising odours in your bathroom without destroying the effectiveness of the bio-block and bio preparations.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Streamlined vents for optimum dispensation of good bacteria
  • Prevents debris from entering urinal pipework
  • simple to install/replace - no tools required
  • Aesthetically and hygienically superior to unsightly urinal blocks and mats

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