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Initial Scent Range

A signature or bespoke scent differentiates a brand from its competition. Besides achieving outstanding brand recognition, pleasant scent can also provide visitors with multisensory experience at your premises.

Baby breeze

The smell of fresh air, tinged with sweet orange and honeysuckle to create an uplifting atmosphere.


A rich blend of bergamot and mandarin with warm wood and soft amber undertones.

Cotton Breeze

A fresh clean fragrance accentuated by citrus, floral and fruity accents with ozonic top notes.


An airy nuance of apples romanced with leafy, green notes create a wonderful aroma of a flower garden in bloom.

English Lavender

A lavender bouquet blends the herbaceous tones with notes of eucalyptus, geranium and soft musk.

Morning Dew

Cool marine scent of dewy green notes evoking comforting and fresh moments.

Peach nectar

This fruity cocktail of peaches married with exotic fruits and flowers to create an inviting and sweetly delicious scent.

Spring Blossom

A fresh green and fruity scent, with rose, freesia, geranium, spicy carnation accords blended with a bouquet of white flowers.

Vanilla and Orange Blossom

A sweet, floral scent that blends orange blossom, tuberose, jasmine, coconut and apple, warm amber and powdery vanilla.

Sweet mandarin

A sweet, vibrant scent that sparkles in its freshness. Citrus scents with sophisticated fruity accords of Chinese mandarin.


Floral notes of rose, blue hydrangea, blue hyacinth, and night blooming jasmine made subtle by purple musk and pink grapefruit.


Pepper-infused mango combined with the earthy and musky aroma of leather to add sophistication and warmth.

How To Select The Right Scent For Your Business?

When it comes to scent selection, it is not primarily about likes or dislikes, but which scent best suits and matches your brand as well as the customer experience that you wish to create. We offer a wide range of fragrances, with descriptions to ease your scent selection that best reflects your brand.

How Does It Work?

Scenting is flexible and can be used to scent spaces of any size, from a small room to a whole building. Our trained scent expert can conduct a site survey at your premises and recommend a range of carefully selected scent for you. 

Our fully managed service means you have no equipment to own or maintain - our technician will install the equipment and then return on a regular basis to replace and refresh the fragrance.