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Our Washroom Solutions enable your business to offer a high standard of hygiene through our extensive range of washroom hygiene services and products.


Hygiene Challenges in the Retail Sector

We understand that optimal levels of washroom hygiene are vital in creating a pleasant shopping experience, which is why we help our customers provide welcoming and hygienic retail environments.

Achieving return business is key to your profitability. 

Clean and hygienic washroom facilities are an important factor in the customers’ decision to return.

Potential impact of poor hygiene

  • Drives traffic to competitors with superior hygiene, or to undertake online shopping
  • Reduces length of stay and spend
  • At busy periods, sub-standard washroom hygiene drives people away as toilet facilities cannot cope
  • Alienates some visitors by not providing for their washroom hygiene needs (eg. parents with babies), particularly as a trip to the mall is a ‘day out’
  • Poor reflection on brand image
  • Poor bathroom hygiene prevents return visits due to bad experience
Hygiene Challenges in the Retail Sector

Improving the quality of hygiene services makes good financial sense:

  • Ensuring optimal washroom hygiene services allow for an improved shopper experience that leads to longer dwell time and spend 
  • Enhanced positive image means more new shoppers and return visits.
  • Good reputation leads to recommendation and new customers 
  • Provision for special groups (babies, elderly etc) improves reputation and return visits
  • Taking care of staff wellbeing which translates to higher service & satisfaction 

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