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Our Washroom Solutions enable your business to offer a high standard of hygiene through our extensive range of washroom hygiene services and products.


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How Initial's Hygiene Services Expertise Can Help

Guest experience and satisfaction are key to your business and profitability. Clean and hygienic facilities are an important factor in creating and enhance the experience, as well as your guests’ decision to return.

At Initial, we take pride in delivering the highest levels of hygiene services to enable you to keep your premise looking and smelling good. We are committed to providing bathroom hygiene products of the highest quality and style that help provide your guests a hygienic and pampering environment.

Structured surveyWe carry out a full hygiene services survey of your premises, to identify germ hotspots and get a full understanding of your requirements.

Hygiene educationEncouraging better hygiene amongst your guests and staff can be a difficult task. We are here to help and can provide you with materials to get the message across.

Based on scienceWe know that what looks clean, is not necessarily hygienic and we can help you improve hygiene services standards for your guests and staff.

Consumables adviceWe help you save money by advising on the correct type, quantity and location of consumables based on our knowledge of usage patterns.

A choice of new rangesExclusive, innovative new hygiene products, engineered to a high standard are now available. Hygiene solutions are designed for ease of use, comfort and reliability, delivered with style.

Excellent serviceOur hygiene services are dependable, friendly and discreet, delivering the best in hygiene for your premises, including regular quality checks.

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