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Hand Hygiene

UltraProtect Hand Sanitiser

Hand hygiene is a critical element in the spread of germs. A robust, reliable and hygienic method of delivering hand sanitiser to your employees or customers is essential. The UltraProtect hand sanitiser dispenser offers all of these features along with a contemporary and sleek design. It is designed to be inviting to use and the integral antibacterial protection delivers the ultimate hygiene solution. Combine this with our full service solution and your facility will always have high hygiene standards where you need them most.

UltraProtect is a powerful, gentle and long lasting, alcohol-free, hand sanitiser that comes in either a gel or foam format.

  • Protection

    Integral antibacterial technology helping prevent the spread of germs

  • Design

    Surface specifically designed to enhance hygiene and make cleaning easier

  • Quality

    Reliable and durable, tested to last with a lifetime guarantee

  • Service

    Stock replenishment on a regular basis to ensure you never run out of hand sanitiser

  • Consumables

    Powerful - the Ultraprotect hand sanitiser kills 99.9% of germs including Swine Flu (H1N1), MRSA and E-coli

  • Integral anti-bacterial technology - improving surface hygiene and helping prevent the spread of germs by inhibiting the growth of bacteria
  • The surface of this hand sanitiser unit is specifically designed to enhance hand hygiene standards and help make cleaning easier
  • Seamless design with fewer areas for dirt and bacteria levels to build up ensuring optimal washroom hygiene
  • Compact design - the generous 1L capacity dispenses 1000 shots of liquid and 1600 shots of foam
  • Viewing windows of the hand sanitiser dispenser allows for easy cosumable level check
  • Sleek, contemporary design
  • Tamper-proof, lockable cover
  • Robust, vandal-resistant construction
  • This hand hygiene unit is designed to be easy to use for all
  • Complies with relevant global legislation
  • Reliable and durable with a lifetime guarantee
  • The hand sanitiser unit is available in two finishes: white and silver, and two sizes 1L and 375ml
Material – ABS
Capacity – 1L
Dimensions – H 272.6mm x W 129.9mm x D 116.7mm
Weight – 565g
  • Powerful - kills 99.9% of germs including Swine Flu (H1N1), MRSA and E-coli
  • The hand sanitiser solution Is gentle and alcohol free, helps minimise drying out of the skin, encouraging repeat use and good hand hygiene behaviour
  • Long lasting - offering 6 hours continuous protection
  • Passes EN1500 (Hand rub disinfection), EN1650 (Fungicidal test), EN1276 (Bactericidal test), EN1447 (Virucidal test)
  • Ideal in areas where extra hand hygiene is required, for example eating areas, or between hand washes
  • Suitable for use where non-alcohol based hand sanitisers are preferred for ethical, religious or social responsibility reasons e.g. schools, prisons, religious establishments
  • Dermatologically Tested and clinically proven not to dry skin with repeated use
  • Cartridges are fully recyclable
Stock replenishment on a regular basis to ensure you never run out and that optimal hand hygiene levels are maintained

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