Initial in Uganda

We are a part of the Rentokil Initial group. We are a leading provider of expert hygiene services to businesses and organisations of all kinds, enabling them to focus on what they do best.


Leadership and Innovation

Business needs are constantly evolving and changing. By employing the latest technology, new ways of working and new service processes we give our customers competitive advantage.

Health and Safety

Initial service contracts can help you meet or exceed Health and Safety requirements. We stay up to date with environmental and workplace regulations to help you meet your statutory requirements.

Clean washrooms are a direct reflection of your company’s business ethos. They help maintain and improve staff morale – your people feel well cared for. They also give a good impression to customers and visitors.

Working with Initial Washroom Solutions your organisation can pick up the health and safety good practice that is second nature to us.

Investing in Technology

Service businesses need to innovate to keep pace with customer demand.

That’s why we are committed to research, development and appropriate investment in the latest technology. New technology can help reduce use of consumables and energy – like our new Solar Air Freshener for instance – run by an internal microchip to reduce cost and improving environmental performance.


Quality of service, efficiency and providing value for money are fundamental. Our dedication to maintaining and raising service standards brings us regular recognition in the form of customer recommendations.

What Our Customers Say

I do not think there is a competitor in this market that can surpass the quality of services you offer.

Manclean Values Ltd

We are glad to be associated with you. Your staff are prompt and always look bright when serving us.

Virtual group Of Companies

Your services are excellent, your staff are prompt and the service quality levels are excellent. This makes us feel that the right company is taking care of our washroom requirements.

Ministry of Agriculture

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